Rose-patterned everyday china for less than $10

This is green elegance at its best.

Each day, thousands of pieces of quality vintage china are donated to op shops. Most of them end up in the landfill. Also each day, millions of cheap new dishes, boring in design and manufactured in questionable conditions, are purchased. Look in your cabinet. Are you ready to try something “new”?

Vintage rose patterns are not only timeless, they are tres hip at the moment. So what’s holding you back? This is your chance to avoid the cheap dishes trap and start your lifelong everyday china collection.

Step 1: Browse to Learn What You Like

Map your local op shops and make an afternoon of browsing with no intention of buying. If you are a busy working mom like me and don’t have an afternoon, or you’re just not into op shopping–find locations that are near your errand routes. If you just pop in to accomplish this exercise and do not get distracted, it can take 10 minutes or less. It can, I promise.

My local op shop china and dishes section.

Step 2: Decide on Parameters

How matching vs. coordinating vs. eclectic do you want to be?

Decide whether you want everything to match, nothing to match, only types of items to match, pairs of items to match, etc. If coordination is preferred, what will coordinate and how will it do so? Or will you have no rules and be totally eclectic?

For example, these were my parameters:

Number of complete sets: 8

Types of dishes in each set: dinner plate, salad plate & small bowl.

Level of matching: None. It is tempting to buy pairs or more when you find something you love, but when something breaks I only want to replace that item, not feel bad about its abandoned pair. This also allows me to very easily increase my number of sets as needed.

Level of coordination: Only pink & red roses, metallic accents must be silver, plates will have a design in the center and the rim. Each type of dish will have four with ivory background and four with white background to allow for alternating them in each place setting. Items will have been manufactured in Europe only and carry an identification mark.

It is okay to vary pattern, size (slightly) & shape (scalloped vs. non scalloped). I have to love each piece in its own right. There will be no designated sets, but everything will coordinate more or less equally well with everything else.

white rose china elegant decor upcycled china op shop wedding china

Step 3: Take your time hunting and gathering

There’s no rush, be picky. You can build your collection over time, especially if you are not matching items. If you are looking to match, jump on that big set you love once you find it. They do not last long.

Complimentary table linens

Unfortunately textiles are not long lasting and easily cleaned like china. So if you need table linens to coordinate with your new everyday china, consider these gorgeous items. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Luxurious & Elegant Botanical Design

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