Pink & white vintage rose art

DIY sophisticated botanical illustrations for your home or office

Curated free images from the Library of Congress

Enjoy this wonderful opportunity to create your own breathtaking botanical prints. The images below have been curated from the Library of Congress free image gallery.

Many companies use these very same images to sell after “enhancing” them. But you can have them for free! Click on the link in each caption to access full descriptions and download high resolution files directly from the Library of Congress website.

Printing Options

DIY color laser printer

If you or a friend has a color laser printer, go for it! Be sure to plan ahead for the size of your frames and crop the edges of the images to your preferences. Don’t be shy about playing around with color enhancement either.

Photo Printing services

Anyplace you use to print photos will be able to print these as well. Just log into your favorite service or head to your local store for help editing if needed. As above, make sure the prints are cropped and colored to your liking, and will fit well in your chosen frames.

Framing Options

opportunity shop frames

Framing doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Just take a trip to your local thrift shop (I prefer the term op shop, “op” for opportunity) and discover an assortment of frames from 25 cents to a couple of dollars. Gallery walls look particularly sharp with coordinated vintage op shop frames.

purchase Ready to hang seven piece gallery frame sets

I have selected the options below for your consideration based on their compatibility with this set of prints and positive customer feedback. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Happy Creating!